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VAND Capital Ltd. is a registered firm in Estonia / European Union with a registration number in Estonian registry: 14337754

1 ETH = 2750 VAND tokens during the Pre-Sale

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Portfolio Management System for Traders

We developed a sophisticated portfolio management system for users. All crowdsale participants will be able to use the platform for free for a limited period of time.

Build the Optimal Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies

Select your risk profile, investment horizon and cryptocurrencies. Our algorithms which use Modern Portfolio Theory and Artificial Intelligence will find the optimal portfolio for you.

Track Your Positions in Real-time

We will develop additional features like real-time analysis and API connection with cryptocurrency exchanges

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How the VAND PLATFORM works

Algorithmic strategy Builder

The Vand team aims to revolutionise the algorithmic trading experience of cryptocurrencies by developing a sophisticated platform for building algorithmic trading strategies. All users will possess the tools needed to create an automated trading strategy regardless of programming skill level. This is made possible with our unique user interface where the logic of the strategy is built simply by moving blocks. Each block will represent unique logical functions where they will be pieced together to create a fully functional trading strategy. Users can then back-test their strategies or harness their powers on real-time cryptocurrency markets.

Monetising Trading Signals

Any user of the Vand platform will have the option to publish the performance of their algorithmic strategy publically. If other users within the Vand community are impressed by its performance then they will have the ability to subscribe to the strategy. By subscribing, users will receive live trading signals generated by the strategy and updates throughout the trading cycle. Behind the scenes, Smart Contracts enforce the relationship between the strategy publisher and subscribers. Subscription involves sending the specified VAND tokens to the contract address where it will be locked until the end of the trading cycle. If the strategy yields a return, the payout to the publisher will be directly proportional to this return. As a result, both publisher and subscriber are protected.

How VAND Tokens use Smart Contracts


1. User A has several Subscribers for his strategy called X. Those Subscribers deposit Y amount of VAND tokens for 1 Trading Cycle. (User A decides how much to be the minimum deposit and duration of the trading cycle). In this example, 100 VAND tokens are used. The deposit is locked in a smart contract

2. User A develops a strategy for the trading cycle and provide signals to Subscribers. Generated signals result in Z% return for the period. In this example, 30% return is considered.

3. Subscribers receive notifications for entry points, stop-losses and target points during the trading cycle. This process repeats many times during the cycle.

4. At the end of the trading cycle User A receives Z% from all tokens deposited, based on the strategy performance. In this example – 30%.

5. The remaining amount of tokens are distributed back to Subscribers, 70% in this example. If User A’s strategy performance generates 100% or more than 100% return for the period, he receives the full deposit of VAND tokens. If the strategy generates 0% or negative return, Subscribers receive their full deposit back at the end of the trading cycle. Subscribers pay only for return-generating strategies.

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“It’s the golden age to be in the bitcoin market, because it’s imperfect”


Zhou Shuoji – High-frequency trader
Bloomberg, 2017



Anton Iribozov
Founder and CEO
Anton has over 5 years of capital markets experience including high frequency and quantitative trading. He is a University of Glasgow grad and a prominent member within the Bulgarian start-up community.
Ross Manson
CTO and UK Team Lead
Ross holds an MSc Investment Fund Management, BSc Hons Computer Science and has over five years experience operating within the cryptocurrency industry.
Stoyan Kirov
Stoyan is a highly profiled financial expert who has worked with various financial firms. He manages the cash flows and accounting of VAND Capital.
Vulko Milev
Artificial Intelligence developer
Vulko is the lead software developer of the Neural Network models that VAND capital implements in its algorithms.
Dimitar Grozdanov
Quantitative Trader
Dimitar is a former KPMG employee and currently a quantitative trader developing automated strategies for crypto trading.
Stephen Panev
Data Analyst
Stephen works with R and SQL in order to improve the VAND custom algorithms. He has an extensive quantitative skillset.


Vishal Verma
Barclays UK
Graduated from the London School of Economics and worked for Barclays UK, Vishal advises VAND on Financial and Accounting issues.
Denitza Tyufekchieva
Having managed business development for Propy through a successful ICO, Denitza advises VAND on questions regarding Community Relations.
Zhivko Todorov
With an extensive background in supporting entrepreneurs and tech start-ups, Zhivko advises VAND on product development and growth.
George Spasov
Solidity Developer
With a passion for start-ups, blockchain technology and open source development, George advises VAND on key Solidity development issues.
Metodiy Kandilarov
PhD in Statistics
With over 5 years of studies, Metodiy advises VAND for mathematical and statistical models that the firm develops.

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